Entrinsik for Sugar

Entrinsik designs, develops, implements, and supports the world's most intuitive operational business intelligence software, Informer.

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About Entrinsik

Informer is a Sugar integrated agile reporting and business intelligence (BI) solution delivering ad-hoc reporting, self-service data analysis, and interactive dashboards in one complete solution. Informer’s intuitive browser interface is simple to use, enabling users of all types to access data from multiple sources, and create and customize their own reports and dashboards on demand.

Entrinsik for Sugar

Informer sources data from Sugar in real-time, providing organizations with the advanced reporting, real-time data analysis and dashboarding capabilities they need from a comprehensive BI solution.

Informer is aware it is reporting on a Sugar environment. This allows for extensive integrations including Sugar-based authentication (log in with Sugar credentials), Single sign-on, dashlet support, integrated role and security management, reporting and dashboarding content libraries, and more.

The Informer / Sugar integration provides organizations large and small with the ability to perform multidimensional reporting and more advanced data analysis in order to better track, understand and manage their marketing and business development activities.

Why Entrinsik?

The Informer / Sugar integration gives both technical and non-technical users secure instant visibility into key metrics from multiple perspectives. Users can more intuitively interact with and analyze data to uncover critical insights and make data-driven decisions to drive day-to-day operations.
Informer empowers end users to manage their own reporting and dashboarding requirements without requiring assistance from technical staff, and without requiring knowledge of data schemas or query grammar. Users can also consolidate data from Sugar and any other data store within the organization, meaning Informer becomes the single source repository for all reporting and dashboarding needs.

Today's highly competitive environment rewards timely, data-supported decisions. Many organizations have lots of data but no quick and easy way to gain critical insights from the data to make the best day-to-day decisions. Informer helps organizations do just that.