DesignR1 works with premiere companies and individuals the world over. Companies who work with DesignR1 continually grow and exceed both operational and functional efficiencies because of the approach that our expert staff employs.

Our goal is to streamline and improve business efficiencies through all levels of an organization which in turn improves the bottom line. As a driven organization that focuses in on the success of ourclients, DesignR1 has delivered a breadth of understanding and business savvy that has resulted successful businesses flocking to us.

Our headquarters are in Tempe, Arizona. We have additional US based offices in Salem, Oregon and Cleveland, Ohio, as well as international offices in London, England and Canberra, Australia.

Since our main focus is on CRM solutions, with sales, marketing, and support as its core users, our market is quite naturally horizontal. After all, every business needs sales. We have also gained experience in vertical markets such as Sports Fitness, Semiconductor, Industrial Sales, Metrology Equipment, Call Centers, Construction, Financial, Insurance, Mortgages and the Real Estate Industry. We have dealt with more than 5,000 customers in the past 8 years ranging from single users to international firms and Fortune 100 companies.

Add to this the personal background experience of our staff and we have a solid base to approach any business. DesignR1 doesn’t preclude any potential client based on number of licenses. We are a true international CRM Certified Company, and we will fly wherever the job takes us. We are not limited by geographic boundaries, only by how long it takes us to get to the airport.