Brain Computing S.p.A.

Brain Computing S.p.A. is one of the Italian leading CRM specialists with offices located in Roma, Salerno and Vercelli. With in-depth knowledge, skills and experience of Customer Relationship Management we provide a wide range of CRM services and, as a CRM specialist, we have extensive theoretical knowledge of CRM as well as broad practical experience and skills developed from implementing CRM systems in a variety of different business areas.
Our services will include business process analysis, business improvement, workflow analysis, CRM project management, sales and marketing system design, customer service system development, managing change during CRM projects, system configuration and customisation, training, support, technical and programming skills.
We offer this wide range of services, and we have a variety of full-time staff as well as partners throughout the CRM industry. Our in house staff include people with extensive business knowledge as well as CRM software programmers and technical personnel.
Our staff include experts in business processes and operations, as well as sales, marketing, customer service, project management, administration and software programmers and developers.
For further information on how Brain Computing S.p.A. can help your company, please contact us by phone or email.