Agile SugarCRM to Exchange Synchronizer

Seamless integration and synchronization of data between Microsoft Exchange server and SugarCRM server.

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About GrinMark

GrinMark delivers CRM data to mobile and desktop email clients by means of server-side synchronization of leading CRM systems and Microsoft Exchange.

Agile SugarCRM to Exchange Synchronizer

In today’s business environment employees have multiple ways of interacting with their business emails and data. In the office they have access to their MS Exchange emails through their Outlook, Thunderbird or their Web E-Mail client, on the road they have access to emails on their mobile device, whether it is a smart phone (iPhone, Android, Windows or Blackberry device) or a tablet (iPad, Android or Windows).

Important emails need to be archived to the employees CRM system like SugarCRM. Contacts, meetings and tasks also need to be synchronized between both environments.

The GrinMark Agile SugarCRM to Exchange Synchronizer allows your employees to synchronize important emails from any email client to SugarCRM as well as enabling you to directly create and manage your SugarCRM records from your email client. Also contacts, meetings and tasks can be synchronized between both environments.

Why Agile SugarCRM to Exchange Synchronizer?

User keeps working in their preferred environment (Outlook, Mac, mobile etc) while their data gets properly integrated with SugarCRM. Features include:

  • Sync contacts, accounts, and leads from Sugar into your Exchange address book.
  • Sync your Exchange Calendar with Sugar Meetings and Calls.
  • Archive any email into Sugar
  • See a list of Opportunities, Cases, Projects in the Exchange mailbox with ability to archive emails to them directly