Case Study: TengoInternet

TengoInternet Supports Rapid Growth with System Integrations on SugarCRM Platform

Business Issue

TengoInternet serves 1,000 operators of private and state campgrounds, marinas, and oil field housing units in the U.S. and Canada with turnkey wireless internet service. As TengoInternet grew, so did the number and variety of its business systems. The company moved from Excel spreadsheets to Salesforce for sales and lead generation, developed a proprietary network management system, employed Constant Contact for email marketing, and captured its call center activity in a separate database. In 2009, after acquiring the number two competitor in its industry, TengoInternet began the search for a single CRM system that could successfully manage its increased customer base.


  • Deliver visibility into locations, customers, prospects, accounting, and network operations
  • Consolidate multiple systems
  • Scale to accommodate rapid growth
  • Track customer activity and commitments

The Solution: Sugar Professional

TengoInternet considered expanding the use of Salesforce, but found it too expensive and not flexible enough for the company’s needs, which included aggressive future growth. Instead the company closed its Salesforce account, chose Sugar, and engaged Sugar Gold Partner Epicom to develop requirements, design its Sugar solution, and manage data migration from its disparate systems.

Business Benefits

  • Eliminates disparate systems and consolidates operations on a single platform
  • Enables service cases to be tracked and analyzed from open to close
  • Identifies service trends
  • Ensures that all customer calls receive appropriate follow up
  • Supports customer profitability tracking


  • Saved 30 hours per week with automated posting to accounting system via QuickBooks integration
  • Saved $3,000 in personnel expenses within the first month with automated outbound customer communications via Twilio integration

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