Synolia, the first SugarCRM partner in France, breaks the $1 million barrier in licence sales and accelerates its growth

Paris, 22 September 2011 - SugarCRM, the world's leading and fastest-growing provider of customer relationship management solutions, is delighted to announce that its first French partner Synolia has joined the exclusive club of partners achieving licence sales in excess of $1 million.

in Paris, has become more involved year-on-year in this technology, working alongside its originator, which has grown in just 7 years to become a leading market player with an installed base of more than 7,500 customers.

The early years of Synolia’s involvement focused on raising French market awareness of the CRM Open Source solution with the launch of the French-language SugarCRM online community (, undertaking the official French translation of the solution and supporting the first French user companies. Since then, Synolia has strengthened the position of the product in France, with the addition of dozens of new user companies every year, including Lindt, Intrum Justitia, Axxes, Morin Logistic, TRSB and Yvelin Assurances.

As the leading SugarCRM skills centre in France, Synolia has provided more than 250 companies with SugarCRM, which means more than 2,500 users accessing the solution in every part of the world, whether in local mode or hosted mode (via SaaS). According to Stéphane Calimodio, the Synolia Partner responsible for CRM division business development: “In just a few years, SugarCRM has established itself as one of the essential added-value CRM solutions for companies of all sizes in every business sector. It has been adopted by many leading companies on the basis of its easy implementation, flexibility, adaptability and the permanent process of innovation adopted by its parent company. We are delighted to be a major contributor to the growth of SugarCRM in France, and are committed to further expansion of the resources required to deliver effective implementation and adoption support to the maximum number of French companies.”

Based until now in Lyon and serving companies all over France – almost 50% of which are in the Paris Region - Synolia is now accelerating its growth with the opening of a new branch in Paris. The main goal of this move is to bring its expertise closer to its customers and use its resources to support implementation of the SugarCRM solution in companies located in the north of France, including Orange Business Services Trading Solutions, Thomas Cook Voyages, Geovariances, Chevillote and Soudax Equipements. “We are delighted to see our long-term partner growing so strongly in the French market. We have total confidence in their ability to develop our solution and provide SugarCRM customers with high-quality support and services”, says Sandra Spinek, EMEA Territory Manager at SugarCRM.

Synolia is also a member of the European SugarCRM Alliance (ESA) of 7 leading SugarCRM partners in Europe. The company has great ambitions for the CRM Open Source market in Europe, and to support its growth Synolia has also introduced an equally-ambitious recruitment programme designed to double the size of its SugarCRM expert team in France very quickly. “Synolia has supported us in developing SugarCRM in the French and European markets since 2004. Their involvement in the SugarCRM Open + Partner Programme allows us to respond more effectively to partner expectations, and to offer them new opportunities to generate the added value that will help them establish a distinctive position in the market and maximise their sales development opportunities”, adds Tom Schuster, Vice President and General Manager EMEA at SugarCRM.

Synolia is also involved in the implementation of e-commerce platforms based on a number of different Open Source technologies, including Magento, Prestashop and RBS Change, and offers the SugarGento global platform solution that includes an ultra-powerful Magento-based e-commerce platform linked directly to SugarCRM. The same combined solution is also available using the Prestashop e-commerce platform.

About Synolia

Synolia is the most experienced SugarCRM partner in the world, became the first European Gold Partner in 2010, and supports more than 250 companies in France with implementation of CRM solutions in local and hosted modes for between 5 and several dozen users. As the lead partner for France, Synolia also provides the official French translation of the solution, manages the French-speaking user community and offers a panel of added-value services, including configuration, development, application maintenance, hosting and training. Its central mission is to understand the core business processes of its customers as part of ensuring optimum implementation of SugarCRM, and ensuring that every factor is addressed in maximising success of their CRM programmes. Join many other companies in France and Europe by entrusting your project to the proven experts in SugarCRM since 2004.

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About SugarCRM

SugarCRM makes CRM simple. As the world's fastest growing customer relationship management (CRM) company, SugarCRM applications have been downloaded more than ten million times and currently serve over 850,000 end users in 80 languages. Over 7,000 customers have chosen SugarCRM's On-Site and Cloud Computing services over proprietary alternatives. SugarCRM has been recognized for its customer success and product innovation by CRM Magazine, InfoWorld, Customer Interaction Solutions and Intelligent Enterprise.

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