SugarCRM Selects Connector Tool for Google Calendar as SugarForge Project of the Month

Connector Tool Allows SugarCRM Users to Integrate Business Activities within Google Calendar to Increase Efficiency and Customer Service

CUPERTINO, Calif. - March 19, 2009 - SugarCRM, the world's leading provider of commercial open source customer relationship management (CRM) software, today announced that it has selected MyCRM GmbH's Connector Tool for Google Calendar™ as the Project of the Month. MyCRM GmbH, an open source and SaaS systems integrator, created the Connector Tool for Google Calendar to enable users to blend all business and personal activities within the SugarCRM instance into one view in Google Calendar. This new capability makes scheduling activities with customers and other users more efficient.

Each month, SugarCRM highlights a project of the month winner on, the company's community website. Over 115,000 registered members participate in the SugarCRM forums with 17,000 registered developers who actually develop modules on Projects of the Month are selected on the quality of a project's code, its overall activity and its general usefulness as an extension to SugarCRM. The Connector Tool for Google Calendar project clearly meets the criterion and exemplifies the spirit of the Sugar Community.

The Connector Tool for Google Calendar provides access to one view of private, social and business activities. Users can send activities such as calls, meetings or tasks within their SugarCRM instance to the Google Calendar. This way, the transfer of information is seamless and recognizable. MyCRM GmbH also uses NuevaSync and Google Mobile to push Google Calendar events to a user's iPhone™. This allows users to hold meetings or calls planned in SugarCRM that are automatically pushed to the mobile devices without the hassles of a sync-based-client.

" is the preferred place to exchange concepts and code for developers of SugarCRM, so it's only natural that we create code that we want to share with this platform," said Clemens von Dincklage, MyCRM GmbH. "We currently have many SugarCRM projects in the works and we look forward to developing and delivering these tools to meet the needs of our customers who want to be introduced to SugarCRM."

In addition to the Connector Tool for Google Calendar, MyCRM GmbH is a frequent contributor on Most recently, MyCRM GmbH released a new Connector that enables SugarCRM to integrate with Dimdim, the world's easiest web conferencing platform. Users now have access to enterprise web conferencing and CRM at a fraction of the cost of proprietary offerings.

"We are pleased to recognize MyCRM GmbH's contribution to the SugarCRM community with the development of the Connector Tool for Google Calendar," said Clint Oram, co-founder and vice president of product management. "It is especially critical that developer's like MyCRM GmbH work with open source tools to deliver low cost (and in this case free) solutions that increase productivity in these hard economic times."

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