SugarCRM Customers wins 2 of 3 CRM Best Practice Awards at CRM-Expo 2007

At Europe's largest CRM event, WeberHaus Recognized for Best B2C Implementation; Kassel Initiative Wins Most Innovative CRM Deployment.

CUPERTINO, Calif (November 27, 2007) – SugarCRM Inc., the world's leading provider of commercial open source customer relationship management (CRM) software, today announced that two SugarCRM customers – WeberHaus and Kassel Initiative – won top honors for CRM deployments at the CRM-Expo in Nuremberg, Germany.

CRM-Expo, Europe's largest CRM event, was held in Nuremberg on November 7th and 8th. The event attracted over 160 CRM vendors and 3,000 attendees. Leading CRM vendors competed for the CRM-Expo awards, which were sponsored by Acquisa, a leading German Sales and Marketing publication.

"These awards, which are the most prestigious CRM awards in Europe, demonstrate the impact of SugarCRM's commercial open source model globally," said Clint Oram, General Manager, Sugar Europe. "SugarCRM congratulates WeberHaus and Kassel Initiative for their innovation with SugarCRM."

"As these awards demonstrate, SugarCRM represents the next generation of CRM applications," said Mirco Mueller, Managing Partner of Insignio, a SugarCRM Implementation Partner who worked with both WeberHaus and Kassel Initiative. "SugarCRM delivers unrivalled CRM functionality, flexibility and performance for partners and customers."


WeberHaus Wins Best B2C Implementation


WeberHaus, a builder of high-end, energy efficient homes headquartered in Rheinau-Linx, Germany, secured the award for Best B2C implementation. Founded in 1960, WeberHaus employs over 900 employees and has built more than 28,000 houses in Germany, France, Switzerland and several other countries.

In an industry not known for repeat customers, WeberHaus focused its SugarCRM implementation on deploying a marketing and sales management system that offered its existing customers cross-sell and upsell offers to continue to grow the value of the relationship after a home was built. With assistance from SugarCRM partner Insignio, a German integrator of CRM and Communications technology, WeberHaus deployed Sugar Professional On-Site with full integration to WeberHaus' content management, portal and eCommerce systems. The award cited WeberHaus for its ability to use CRM to build lifelong relationships and create customer loyalty with buyers in the residential construction industry.

"WeberHaus is honored to win the best B2C CRM implementation for 2007," said Klaus-Dieter Schwendemann, Head of Marketing for WeberHaus. "We are thankful for how Insignio and SugarCRM have enabled us to create a superior marketing and customer retention platform that is the foundation of our business."

Kassel Initiative Wins Most Innovative CRM Award

The Kassel Initiative, is a non-profit focused on attracting tourists and industry to the Kassel region of central Germany. Kassel used Sugar to build an online platform where residents, businesses, and visitors could share information about the Kassel region. Kassel was praised for its modern and innovative implementation of CRM to build and sustain lasting relationships across the community.

"The Kassel community has leveraged SugarCRM to become the growth platform for our visitors' bureau," said Knut Seidel, Managing Director of the Kassel Initiative. "Using SugarCRM to enable communication between our contributors and visitors promises a bright future for our local businesses and residents."

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