Selangor Dredging Delivers 50% Sales Growth with SugarCRM

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Collaboration with iZeno Eliminates Spreadsheets, Reduces Customer Service Response Time By 80% and Cuts Report Generation to Only Four Minutes

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – June 6, 2012 –SugarCRM, the world’s fastest-growing customer relationship management (CRM) company, today announced that Selangor Dredging (SDB), a quality lifestyle property company, deployed SugarCRM to dramatically improve its sales and customer service processes. By working with iZeno, a Sugar Gold Partner and June Partner of the Month, SDB was able to boost sales, reduce customer service response times, and generate reports much faster.

To achieve its growth goals, SDB needed a CRM solution that could eliminate its reliance on Excel spreadsheets to manage sales activities and customer data. This effort included streamlining processes, improving the visibility of customer data, and boosting performance across the sales, marketing, finance, and customer service teams. The company also wanted to track and report customer activity so that information could support business development strategies. In addition, the solution had to be flexible enough to easily integrate with SDB’s property management system.

SugarCRM met all of the company’s requirements, and iZeno demonstrated to SDB how its customers in the property management industry leverage CRM solutions to optimize marketing, sales, and customer support processes. With customizations by iZeno, Sugar transformed SDB’s sales processes, enabling the company to track results from sales and marketing activities and respond to customer complaints more effectively. SDB also incorporated iZeno’s Sugar SMS module to support text messaging with customers.

Sugar was deployed on IBM System x, which offers the reduced cost and complexity of the x86 platform coupled with industry leading quality, service, and technology. With SugarCRM, SDB:

  • Realized a 50 percent boost in sales,
  • Reduced customer service response time by 80 percent
  • Decreased the time it took to generate a report from four hours to four minutes.

“Besides improving sales and customer service, SugarCRM added value in other key areas of SDB operations,” concludes Helga Fernandez, Project Manager for SDB. “It increased our ability to plan and execute marketing events, compare the ROI of current and past campaigns, and convert survey numbers into accurate projections. Knowing that we have the option in the future to migrate to the IBM SmartCloud is another reason for choosing SugarCRM. All of this makes us more competitive.”

“Lifestyle property management requires tools that nurture customer relationships over the long term and encourage repeat business,” remarks Jeff Campbell, vice president of worldwide sales and customer advocacy for SugarCRM. “The open architecture of Sugar has enabled SDB and iZeno to optimize every area of SDB’s operations to meet these demands.”

Based on iZeno’s implementation of Sugar at SDB, iZeno won Partner of the Month in June 2012. SugarCRM’s Partner of the Month program recognizes Sugar partners around the globe that have delivered significant measurable results to a customer.

For more information on SDB, please visit the case study.

About Selangor Dredging

Starting as a tin mining enterprise, Selangor Dredging (SDB) is now a quality lifestyle property company based in Malaysia. The company’s business comprises property management and leasing, hotels, and property development. Our Brand Promise “Driving Excellence, Building Lifelong Relationships” sums up what we strive to do—driving excellence in terms of products and services to build a lifelong relationship with purchasers, hotel guests, tenants, and all our stakeholders.

About iZeno

iZeno is SugarCRM Gold partner offering local support, training, customization, and consulting services to customers ranging from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies in more than 15 industries in the Asia Pacific region. The iZeno SugarCRM team has helped improve client profitability by delivering CRM solutions using onsite and offsite delivery models. Our expertise in integrating SugarCRM with legacy systems, telephony, SMS, Jaspersoft business intelligence, ERP applications, and portal technologies makes us the right choice for global CRM deployments.

About SugarCRM

SugarCRM makes CRM simple. As the world's fastest growing customer relationship management (CRM) company, SugarCRM applications have been downloaded more than ten million times and currently serve over 1,000,000 end users in 192 countries. Over 7,000 organizations have chosen SugarCRM's On-Site and Cloud Computing services over proprietary alternatives. SugarCRM has been recognized for its customer success and product innovation by CRM Magazine, InfoWorld and Customer Interaction Solutions.

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