Poll Results: 78% Say SaaS-based CRM Momentum to Continue

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Talkin Cloud
Cloud services providers (CSPs) offering software as a service (SaaS)-based customer relationship management (CRM) platforms might have a year of growth head of them -- at least that's what Talkin' Cloud's readers believe.

According to last week's (unscientific) poll, 78 percent of our readers believe the demand for SaaS-based CRM solutions will continue to grow in 2014. The outcome coincides with the results of a study performed by IT research firm Gartner, Inc. (IT) that revealed an increased demand for CRM software.

SugarCRM Product Evangelism Head Martin Schneider said in an interview with Talkin' Cloud that he's not surprised in the rise of SaaS-based CRM deployments, adding that "the model makes sense for smaller and resource-constrained organizations."

But Schneider also noted that it's important for SMBs and enterprises to understand the differences between SaaS-based CRM products and "truly cloud-enabled CRM platforms."

"While many SMBs and even large enterprises are seeing the value of cloud-based delivery -- they must be careful not to 'paint themselves into a corner' by choosing an inflexible SaaS product that limits the level of customization and integration with other systems that businesses need to continue building on to their CRM success," he said.

He continued: "Selecting a truly flexible cloud CRM platform rather than a simple 'SaaS sales tool' for example can ensure a company's CRM initiative remains future proof and generating value for both users and more importantly the customer."