IBM WebSphere sMash Brings SugarCRM to WebSphere Users

IBM’s platform for developers to build and run dynamic Web 2.0-based applications


Featured as SugarForge Project of the Month

Cupertino, CA.---April 17, 2008--SugarCRM Inc., the world's leading provider of commercial open source customer relationship management (CRM) software, today announced that IBM’s WebSphere sMash, a platform for developers to build and run dynamic Web 2.0-based applications, has been named “Project of the Month” on, SugarCRM’s community development Web site. WebSphere sMash is a new Web 2.0 offering announced at IBM Impact 2008, the annual SOA customer and partner event held in Las Vegas, NV.

IBM’s WebSphere sMash provides an agile development and execution environment that simplifies the deployment of Web 2.0-based applications by leveraging REST and dynamic scripting languages such as Groovy, targeting the Java developer and PHP. WebSphere sMash is optimized for composing REST-style services, connecting to external systems, enabling mash-ups and delivering rich Web interfaces, all of which are being used to enhance and extend the capabilities of SugarCRM.

WebSphere sMash, based on IBM’s acclaimed Project Zero( incubation project launched in mid-2007, will give companies more options on how to deploy SugarCRM in an enterprise setting and interact with other applications through it’s end-to-end browser-based tooling and deployment framework. WebSphere sMash is part of the WebSphere family of middleware products that are well known for high levels of reliability and scalability and will bridge the gap for corporate developers between Java and PHP applications. As “Project of the Month” on, developers can download sample code, binaries and collaborate with other users worldwide about this exciting project.

“WebSphere sMash is a strong endorsement of the power and agility of dynamic Web applications such as SugarCRM in corporate environments,” said Jacob Taylor, CTO and co-founder, SugarCRM. “IBM’s commitment of their expertise and resources to this project will accelerate the adoption of PHP as a standard in the enterprise.”

“We are delighted that users can now deploy SugarCRM on WebSphere sMash and take advantage of both our agile development environment as well as our deployment framework,” said Jerry Cuomo, IBM Fellow and CTO of IBM WebSphere. “As the trusted brand in enterprise middleware, we bring the same levels of quality, reliability and extensibility to PHP applications that we have with Java. PHP has become more widely utilized and it is only natural that we would bring these capabilities to the PHP community.”

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