Bray International Switches from to SugarCRM

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Bray International Switches from to SugarCRM

Leading Manufacturer Chooses Sugar to Smooth Global Collaboration

CUPERTINO, Calif. – April 10, 2013SugarCRM, the company that makes every user a customer expert, today announced that Bray International, Inc., a global designer and manufacturer of flow control products, has chosen to implement Sugar to enhance collaboration among its distributed worldwide sales team and extend CRM users to more distributors and customers, including a multi-lingual global support model.

Bray’s 16 manufacturing locations are aligned with distribution and service organizations around the world. The company provides training, sales support, quotation support, and order fulfillment, as well as factory service for complex components and industrial projects that require a seamless supply chain. Different decision-makers requiring coordination of multi-location activities in various continents spurred Bray to deploy a CRM solution to keep track of customer communications, opportunities, and orders.

Bray originally implemented as its global CRM solution, but after several years, company executives realized that they were not receiving the enhanced services they required to ensure customer satisfaction and retention. Before the three-year contract expired, Bray searched for alternative CRM solutions and chose SugarCRM.

“We chose SugarCRM not just for its capabilities, but also for the overall customer experience,” said Brad Kirchhofer, chief operating officer, Bray International. “We liked SugarCRM because of its mobile capabilities and options for cloud or on-site deployment, which gives us a voice in our own future. We’ve had a demanding roll-out schedule with Sugar since we started and SugarCRM has met the challenge. As we look to next year, we are evaluating expanding Sugar’s footprint to include more customer-facing activities within our factories.”

Bray chose SugarCRM partner Technology Advisors, who implemented the Sugar solution within six months. Technology Advisors leveraged their Full Deployment Life Cycle methodology and their international multi-lingual support desk.   

Sugar enables Bray to:

  • Collaborate among sales teams in multiple locations around the world
  • Extend Sugar to sales support within factories and field service
  • Leverage mobile capabilities for remote workers-on-the-go
  • Choose the type of deployment for cloud or on-premise, giving it a “voice” to control its own future

For more information on Bray International, please visit their web site.

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