Case Study: Tox Pressotechnic - Germany Division

TOX PRESSOTECHNIK Unifies Global Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support with SugarCRM

Business Issue:

To maintain its loyal customer base and increase productivity, TOX PRESSOTECHNIK needed to strengthen customer relations with relationship-oriented marketing campaigns. While Its SAP system provided financial, purchasing and production tools, the company required a comprehensive, scalable CRM solution that could bolster its sales and marketing initiatives and provide a clear, standardized structure for use across eighteen countries. Easy integration with the company’s SAP system was another key consideration.


  • Ease of integration with SAP
  • Scalability
  • Sales support for lead generation and quote estimates
  • Case management

Solution:Sugar Professional

TOX PRESSOTECHNIK chose SugarCRM based on its flexibility, ease of use, and support for integration. With the help of Sugar gold level solutions partner MyCRM, TOX PRESSOTECHNIK rapidly deployed Sugar to over one hundred sales employees in eighteen countries. The solution integrated business processes with opportunity management while immediately improving information exchange via integration with SAP.

Business Benefits:

  • Reduced manual processes and increased transparency
  • Unified and improved sales processes
  • Generated standard reports within minutes
  • Increased visibility into sales productivity
  • Improved performance tracking