Case Study: Hipertehuelche

Sugar is powerful yet easy to use. The learning curve is extremely fast and it integrated easily with third part products. This has made our team more efficient and supported our 18 percent growth without adding staff.

Business Issue:

Hipertehuelche needed a CRM tool to centralize and manage information related to its business-to-business (B2B) operations. The company wanted to create targeted marketing campaigns focused on the special needs of B2B clients and track the work of its sales team.


  • Centralize sales cycle information for each B2B client
  • Track and control the B2B sales process
  • Improve Hipertehuelche’s capacity to present targeted offerings to clients
  • Integrate with ERP and business intelligence systems

The Solution:Sugar Professional

After evaluating for a CRM solution, Hipertehuelche chose Sugar Professional for its combination of robust functionality, ease of integration with third-party enterprise applications, and reasonable price. The firm worked with SugarCRM solution partner DISYTEL openConsulting and deployment was completed in four months.


  • Increased B2B sales by 18 percent in six months with no increase in staff
  • Automated sales and marketing functions
  • Improved forecasting and reporting
  • Provided bidirectional integration with the Jasper BI suite

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