Case Study: B2V

B2V Group Develops Customer Engagement Strategy With SugarCRM

Businesses Issue

B2V is a social welfare group whose activity revolves around three main areas: retirement, personal protection and health insurance. As part of its strategy for attracting new clients, the group combined its sales and marketing departments into a development department. This reorganization required the group to centralize client relations and incorporate a CRM tool.


  • Provide a single file that would be updated daily and include every client and prospect from each business segment
  • Automate the data entry process, reducing the time to update data for more than one million clients and prospects
  • Enable fast, scalable deployment at reasonable cost

The Solution: Sugar Professional

The B2V group adopted Sugar and engaged Sugar partner CARRENET for its expertise as an implementation partner. The group chose Sugar for its flexibility and its new Sugar solution was operational in just three months. Although Sugar was originally intended to be used only by B2V’s development department, it is now also available to the group’s retirement, personal protection and social assistance departments.

Business Benefits

  • Centralizes data, delivering a cross-department view of B2V’s client portfolio
  • Supports targeted, automated email campaigns driven by sales goals
  • Enables employees to be more autonomous and efficient
  • Ensures that client contacts are not duplicated across departments
  • Improves management of internal resources