Make the most of your IBM investment

The SugarCRM solution builds on the value of your IBM investment through a comprehensive set of processes to ensure the most robust level of integration with IBM software and infrastructure.

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Commerce – Market, Sell, Service & Buy

IBM and SugarCRM are changing how organizations approach the entire customer engagement model. The combined solution we offer redefines what it means to create a customer-centric experience. Sugar is the natural fit to IBM’s Smarter Commerce initiative. Sugar helps companies across every industry better manage their customer value chain — including the buy, market, sell and service processes — through a customer-centered approach that helps increase revenue and loyalty.

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IBM Enterprise Marketing Management
- IBM Campaign
- IBM Interact
- IBM Leads
IBM Sterling Commerce products


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Social Business

Collaboration can play a critical role in the sales process of any company and many believe collaboration is a key attribute of a successful social business. Consider how sales professionals are required to work outside of their CRM system to engage engineering, legal or finance to evaluate, structure and negotiate a proposal. Leading companies are beginning to utilize enterprise collaboration environments to facilitate these robust conversations and provide a mechanism to refer, reference and repeat their successes.

The integration of SugarCRM and IBM’s collaboration software portfolio will drive better communications within a selling organization and improve customer support by increasing effective communication and teamwork, both inside and outside your organization.

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IBM Connections
IBM SmartCloud for Social Business
IBM Notes
IBM SmartCloud Engage


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Customer Analytics

Traditionally, business analytics has been the domain of finance and sales management. At SugarCRM, we believe there’s more to be gained for the sales professional by analyzing prospect, customer and campaign data to 1) gain customer insight to determine product adoption or potential churn; and 2) help determine the best opportunity to pursue based on historical data and campaign success across an organization.

SugarCRM is integrated with IBM’s comprehensive, unified portfolio of business analytics software that provide a host of capabilities that help selling organizations identify the right opportunities to pursue while alerting sales professionals to any relevant changes in the customer base.

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One of Sugar’s key strengths is its enterprise class CRM platform purpose built to support complex integration challenges for companies who require simple integration to spreadsheets or a multitude of integration requirements including guaranteed message delivery, data migration or connecting to an Enterprise Service Bus.

Access to on premise and cloud-based data sources and transaction systems allow companies to feed their customer facing professionals with the information they need to provide the best customer interactions every time.


WebSphere CastIron
WebSphere ESB
WebSphere MQ


Solution Brief


Any solution your company relies on requires an enterprise class infrastructure with a proven track record of success and stability. IBM delivers a market-leading portfolio of middleware, database and security software combined with enterprise class servers and cloud deployment options. A real track record of infrastructure success.

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SmartCloud Enterprise

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