CRM for Shipping and Transport

Balancing Operational Discipline with a Renewed Focus on the Customer

The cyclical nature of the transportation industry has led many service providers to focus on short-term profitability - often at the expense of developing the customer loyalty that drives future growth. As many analysts bluntly point out, relationship-based marketing has been largely neglected across the industry. Yet, the principles of CRM work just as well in transportation as in any other industry.

SugarCRM can help carriers identify their most valuable customers and understand the factors that affect customer behavior, using them to create and sustain loyalty. Sugar integrates with carrier-specific logistics applications, complementing their operational focus with real-time, actionable customer intelligence.


SugarCRM erobert den Enterprise Markt. Lesen Sie, warum OVUM die Partnerschaft zwischen SugarCRM und IBM als "positiv" wertet.



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