Powered By SugarCRM OEM Program

You Are in Control

An OEM Program Partnership puts you in control. You set the price and terms for your product while Sugar helps power your solution. It is up to you how much (or little) the customer knows about the partnership.


Deliver the System of Record

CRM is increasingly becoming an application of choice for OEM providers as they seek to integrate the customer record into solutions. With Sugar, you get a solution trusted by over 60,000 businesses to power their customer relations.


Flexible Architecture that Runs Anywhere

As an open source product, Sugar excels at playing nice with a variety of hardware and software platforms as well as different deployment options. So if your company is looking to deliver a solution on-site, on-demand or in the cloud, Sugar will work for you.


Commercially Supported License

SugarCRM's commercial open source license delivers the protection and assurance you need to take your product to market. OEM partners can modify Sugar code while retaining your own IP, rebrand Sugar as your own and distribute Sugar code through direct or indirect channels.


Support from the SugarCRM Team

With an OEM license, you gain a leading product and support from our global marketing, engineering, sales and support teams to help you learn how to make Sugar work for you, get the marketing message just right, find the market and customers for your product and receive the support needed to make your products and customers a success.