Partner Branding & Logo Usage Guidelines

Partner Branding Guidelines

The use of SugarCRM's branding, including the products, services, and descriptions requires approval from SugarCRM. Distributing material that contains images, copy, or product names without the consent from SugarCRM will requires the express permission of SugarCRM Inc.

As a SugarCRM partner you may use the appropriate level partner logo as prescribed within the SugarCRM Partner Logo Usage Guidelines.

You may also use the co-branded collateral items created for your company by the SugarCRM graphics design team. Two versions will be designed for you: a web and print friendly version. This list of collateral items can be co-branded with your company information.

  • Sugar Enterprise product brief
  • Sugar Professional product brief
  • Sugar Cube guide
  • Sugar On-Demand guide
  • Any SugarCRM case studies

SugarCRM will also advise your company in designing other print pieces - such as direct mailers, emails, tradeshow graphics etc.

You may not use any of the following without consent from SugarCRM:

  • The SugarCRM logo, with or without the "Commercial Open Source" tagline
  • ANY SugarCRM product logos, product icons, and mock boxes graphics
  • Any graphical designs used in the, or any other SugarCRM websites. These graphics are under restricted licenses, purchased for the sole use by SugarCRM
  • Any graphical designs used in external communications such as SugarCRM designed emails, banner ads, white papers, or any other collateral. DO NOT re-brand any SugarCRM communication templates with your company's logo replacing the SugarCRM logo.

You may host or link to demos or collateral located on the SugarCRM site. Take advantage of the community previews, the flash demo introductions, and any PDFs that do not have restricted use (such as a third party white paper) to better explain SugarCRM's solutions. Please update your SugarCRM partner manager of this intention.

If your company is branding a new product or service, you may not use the word Sugar before your product or service name. For example - Sugar Widget or Sugar Service. Please follow this naming convention: Company Widget for Sugar Professional or eService for Sugar Suite etc.

When drafting text, use the proper naming conventions to describe SugarCRM and the solutions.

  • SugarCRM is the nomenclature used to describe SugarCRM Inc. It is our company name
  • Sugar Suite is the nomenclature used to describe SugarCRM's product lines, in ambiguity - applicable when the edition is unnecessary.
  • Sugar Enterprise is the nomenclature used for the Sugar Enterprise edition. Please do not drop Sugar from its title.
  • Sugar Professional is the nomenclature used for the Sugar Professional edition. Please do not drop Sugar from its title.
  • Sugar Open Source is the nomenclature used for the Sugar Open Source edition. Please do not drop Sugar from its title.

If your company wants to use any SugarCRM materials - submit a request to your partner manager for approval. You will be notified of the approval status within three business days.

Partner Logo Guidelines

These general guidelines apply to the usage of the SugarCRM marks by Business Partners in their communications:

  • The Business Partner's identity (firm name/logo) appears more predominantly than the SugarCRM marks.
  • The Business Partner's materials are clearly perceived to be communications from the Business Partner and not SugarCRM.
  • The SugarCRM marks may not be:
  • Altered or modified (stretched, inverted, recolored, resized, etc.) and should be used as provided.
  • Used with an attached descriptor or tag line. Their 'clear space' must be observed (see below).
  • Combined with the Business Partner's name or logo to form a joint identity.
  • Used as a read through in text.
  • Clear space requirements
  • Clear space around all sides of the logo is the equivelant of the cap height of the SugarCRM