IBM Connections

Internal and external collaboration are key attributes of successful social businesses. The integration of SugarCRM and IBM Connections social software can drive sales and improve customer support by increasing effective communication and teamwork, both inside and outside your organization.

IBM Connections is social software for business that helps people connect with their colleagues, partners, and customers. Some of the benefits of empowering this connection include:

  • Increased business efficiency as skills are shared through networking
  • Faster task execution due to quicker information access
  • Improved decision making because of expert input
  • Stronger business relationships through social networking
  • Easier idea sharing between individuals and among communities of interest
  • Quicker status and social network updates


Sugar's integration provides direct access to IBM Connections from inside Sugar, so social business collaboration is simpler and easier for Sugar users.

  • Participate in existing IBM Connections communities and create new communities from Sugar

  • Gain access to Connections files, discussion forums, activities, wikis, blogs, bookmarks, and more without leaving Sugar

  • Publish files-directly into a Connections community-that are linked to a Sugar record (such as a sales opportunity or support case) for future reference and easy access from either Sugar or IBM Connections

  • Any Sugar administrator can download the IBM Connections module from SugarExchange and load it using the module loader functionality in the Admin panel