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Marina Punat stems the tide of business documents, streamlines sales and support processes with SugarCRM.
TOX PRESSOTECHNIK Unifies Global Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support with SugarCRM
Carpathia Hosting Leverages Sugar Professional for Explosive Growth
Induplast discovers the functionality of CRM while reaping the benefits of open source.
CastleBranch Streamlines Opportunity Management and Forecasting with SugarCRM
A French-based software and professional services turns to SugarCRM partner Synolia for a 360-degree view of their customers
ASF Boosts Scholarship Volume by 300 Percent with No Staff Increase
Marini SpA Increases Customer Focus And Improves Sales Process With SugarCRM
A European subsidiary implements SugarCRM to quarterback a new electronic toll system.
SugarCRM Streamlines Customer Support and Improves First Call Resolution for JAB Broadband
Grupo El Derecho Centralizes Client Data On SugarCRM And Boosts Sales Performance By 20%
Operationalizing the Customer Journey...
Scores with Automation, Project Management
Paramount Global Services Doubles Best Ever Quarterly New Business with SugarCRM