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Counts on Sugar to Lift Sales and See Customer Life Cycle
Luxury Link Jettisons Goldmine for 360 Degree View of the Customer with SugarCRM
Virosafe Takes Control of Sales and Marketing with Sugar and IBM SmartCloud for Social Business
Driving Sales in the Automotive Industry
Hunter Industries Consolidates Multiple Systems Including Lotus Notes on SugarCRM Platform
Customizations in Sugar Professional Open the Doors to Success at UEM Land Group
When It Comes To Its Customers, Koozai Leaves Nothing to Chance and Achieves a 96 Percent Client Retention Rate with Sugar
Central Innovation Increases Business By 30 Percent with Sugar Professional
A European subsidiary implements SugarCRM to quarterback a new electronic toll system.
Hub Le Bas strengthens sales results with a deep Sugar® integration into its core ERP system.
Eliminates Data Silos and Increases Sales
INNOCUTIS Brings Control and Visibility to Prescription Drug Sales with SugarCRM
Shines with Relationship Marketing
TOX PRESSOTECHNIK Unifies Global Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support with SugarCRM
KRAMSKI Improves Business Forecasting Range By 200% With SugarCRM