BluEnergyControl is a supplier of photovoltaic systems and a developer of solar parks. Apart from planning and building solar power installations, the company’s service portfolio also includes the operation and maintenance of these installations. BluEnergyControl represents an intelligent and imaginative approach to technology involving renewable energy and the environment. The company favors holistic concepts such as the use of existing resources, economic efficiency, and the peaceful coexistence of the environment and human beings. Circumstances change. Lessons from the past have been heeded. The damaging effects of ruthless exploitation and short-term emphasis on profit have only recently became apparent. Whoever makes a fast profit through exploitation will pay for it in the long term. Not everyone has found this to be true, but BluEnergy AG certainly has. The market for renewable energy and sustainable technologies is growing proportionally. It is a multi-billion dollar market of the future, and not just for idealists. BluEnergyControl is ready to meet these challenges.

With its mature products and patented developments, BluEnergy is technologically ahead of the game. The bar is set high, and BluEnergy is constantly raising it higher and higher. A better world is possible and can be realized with the work of BluEnergy.

Headquarters: Vicenza, Italy

Founded: 2004

Solution: Sugar Professional

Implementation Partner: OpenSymbol

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