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Open source is at the heart of our business. The inherent nature of open source creates transparency and trust – two key values that are pervasive in how we develop, distribute and provide support for our products.

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Control Your Own Destiny

Customers and developers can have complete access to our open platform, making Sugar an extremely flexible CRM solution. As businesses grow, and as business and social networks evolve, Sugar can easily be modified, extended and integrated to meet changing needs quickly and effectively. This makes Sugar a long-term solution that will continue to add value after other CRM applications have become obsolete.


Active Developer Network

More than 30,000 registered developers in the Sugar community drive SugarCRM innovation through testing, feedback, extension creation, and complementary applications. Many of their projects and extensions can be found at SugarForge, our developer community resource, and SugarExchange, our commercial repository of extensions and complementary applications. Between the active developer community and Sugar-certified partners, virtually any Sugar business integration, extension, or plug-in can be created or already exists.

Products to Meet Your Needs

Sugar Community Edition is licensed under version 3 of the AGPL.  The Sugar Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate editions are distributed under a commercial license. For every edition, customers receive full access to the source code, which means they have control over how their CRM system performs now and into the future. Compare paid product editions.