Green Valley

With the help of Sugar Professional, Green Valley gains more than twice as many customers!


  • Collecting relevant customer data became increasingly complex, confusing and expensive
  • Existing solution inadequate: no overview of relevant customer data was possible.
  • More transparency requested.
  • Demand for a uniform data pool that could be accessed by sales and marketing staff simultaneously and independently in order to gain insight into relevant customer data
  • Better communication with customers
  • For the benefit of the approximately 30 employees
  • In the shortest possible timeframe
  • Migration from from NetSuite CRM
  • Solution easy to understand and simple to operate

Business Benefits:

  • Better access to information
  • Deeper Knowledge of customers: What products is the customer interested in? Is he or she a regular customer, and how many activities is he or she engaged in at present? How many support cases have occurred in the past? Have all invoices been paid?
  • With a 360° view of the customer, all relevant customer data, support cases, unfinished and finished activities, notes, archived e-mails, deliveries and invoices can be examined.
  • At the same time, thanks to the solutions implemented by BrixCRM, all requirements regarding adaptability to the system environment of Green Valley could be met without problems.
  • The Green Valley Project demonstrated the unique scalability that SugarCRM is capable of.
  • Not only were opportunity management and the offer process harmonized, but standardized sales reporting was also introduced.

About Green Valley:

Green Valley is a full-service business which has specialized in the development and provision of user-friendly Content Management System solutions. Be it internet or intranet presentations, online portals or digital services (e.g. e-business applications, service centers, knowledge databases), Green Valley supports its customers during the entire development process from design to application of the finished product. At the same time, Green Valley can look back on years of experience at home and abroad and make an impression with this easy-to-use One-Click-Content-Management® technology.

About Implementation Partner:

BrixCRM The CRM innovators at BrixCRM offer solutions such as CRM implementation and consulting services, on-demand hosting, local CRM support and tailor-made portal applications. For more information see: