Case Study: TIM Group

TIM Group Supports Rapid Growth Across Three Continents With SugarCRM

Business Issue

From a relatively small, London-based firm, TIM Group has grown into a global organization with offices in the US and Asia. The original team was accustomed to performing a variety of roles and to retaining client information on an individual basis, using personal spreadsheets and Rolodexes, shared drives, and Microsoft Outlook. TIM Group needed a centralized solution that could be hosted on-site to manage its contacts and clients.


  • Manage rapidly expanding number of sales pipelines and opportunities
  • Accurately forecast and plan for future sales

The Solution: Sugar Professional

TIM Group’s IT managers looked at several CRM solutions including Salesforce. It chose Sugar as a cost-effective solution that could be easily customised. Also, the fact that Sugar could be hosted on-site was a major selling point. TIM Group began implementation and testing of its Sugar solution in January 2009. The system was fully adopted by late February—a total of six weeks for full implementation.

Business Benefits

  • Makes sales pipeline and customer data fully transparent across the company
  • Enables client information to be accessed by approved personnel from any location
  • Provides accurate forecasting so customer interaction can be appropriately planned