Case Study: Marini S.p.A.

Marini SpA Increases Customer Focus And Improves Sales Process With SugarCRM

Business Issue

Designing, building and selling an asphalt plant require a prolonged sales cycle and often extensive negotiations. Marini executives felt that during this time opportunities were not fully exploited. The company needed a sophisticated customer engagement platform to manage its sales cycles and improve customer relationships.


  • Bring more focused and disciplined management to long-term relationships
  • Identify opportunities, track activity, and forecast the potential needs of clients

The Solution: Sugar Professional

During a lengthy procurement process, Marini looked at most of the major CRM providers as well as SugarCRM. Sugar was chosen for a variety of reasons: cost, speed of implementation, ease of use, flexibility and compatibility with existing systems. Once Sugar was selected, Marini launched a pilot using Sugar Community Edition in a China subsidiary with 300 employees. The project went live in three months and was subsequently rolled out using Sugar Professional to the company’s more complex European organisation based in France and Italy.

Business Benefits

  • Improves sales and customer relations
  • Enables sales to generate forecasts and target sales resources more effectively
  • Provides a central database of client and sales information that can be easily accessed and shared