Case Study: Intrum Justitia - DNR

Intrum Justitia Improves Sales Process With Move To SugarCRM

Business Issue

Monitoring client satisfaction is at the core of Intrum Justitia’s business priorities. To achieve it, very early on the company deployed CRM proprietary tools, notably Sage KDP Vente Partner. However, the scope of its customer monitoring was constantly changing and these tools lacked the ability to adapt. Intrum Justitia elected to replace the proprietary solutions with an easy-to-use, practical web-based system.


  • Improve customer monitoring
  • Standardize IT systems
  • Safely migrate proprietary system data

The Solution: Sugar Professional

In September 2010, Intrum Justitia decided to consider a new solution and evaluated several. Already used in Spain and Portugal, Sugar was favored to meet the need to consolidate and standardize the group’s IT systems in the region. The company engaged Sugar Gold Partner Synolia to implement the solution and oversee data migration.

Business Benefits

  • Delivered immediate ROI
  • Put the customer at the core of business processes
  • Increased productivity
  • Ensured data quality