Case Study: Induplast

Induplast discovers the functionality of CRM while reaping the benefits of open source.


  • Induplast had multiple silos of customer information which hindered Induplast's ability to collaborate when solving customers' problems
  • Informal methods of tracking information often led to decisions being made using stale data
  • Induplast was in need of a CRM system that could be integrated and customized with existing systems to streamline the order processing and manufacturing processes
  • Large amounts of e-mails made it difficult to share and save customer information between Microsoft Outlook and CRM system.


  • Induplast uses Sugar as the system of record for tracking customer communications and account information
  • Sugar's real time tracking allowed Induplast to make critical decisions based on current information.
  • Sugar Plug-In for Microsoft Outlook allows users to manage Sugar information from within the familiar Microsoft Outlook user interface
  • OpenSymbol was able to align Sugar with Induplast's existing systems to allow management better visibility into the manufacturing process