Case Study: Hilco

Hilco Appraisal Services Uses SugarCRM to Support Growth Initiatives Worldwide

Business Issue

Hilco faced a number of challenges in managing its sales and project delivery process, causing significant inefficiencies and duplication of effort across the organization. There were multiple systems within the business that independently housed and tracked essentially the same customer and project information. There was no "one source of the truth" for information on Hilco’s customers and deals.


  • Increase efficiency
  • Eliminate duplicate effort
  • Consolidate multiple systems

The Solution: Sugar Professional

Starting with a comprehensive eight week business analysis, Hilco partnered with SugarCRM gold-level partner, Highland Solutions to document and develop an approach that would provide Hilco with a path to efficiency that would positively impact the bottom line. As a result, ESSTER was born. ESSTER, which stands for Engagement, Set-Up, Scheduling, Tracking, Evaluation and Reporting, is a system built using SugarCRM's core functionality coupled with customizations that support and manage Hilco's unique business requirements.

Business Benefits

  • Automated Hilco’s customer life cycle process
  • Increased operational productivity
  • Consolidated operations on a single platform


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