Case Study: BluEnergyControl

Perfecting Its Sales Processes And Increasing Its Customer Base By More Than 50 Percent With Sugar®


  • Relevant customer information used to be noted and processed in numerous Excel files by employees at BluEnergyControl in a time-consuming and confusing manner.
  • Large number of Excel-processed customer inquiries discussed by staff members in time consuming meetings.


  • Sales optimization and improve sales monitoring with the help of a new system solution.
  • Demand for a uniform database so that data in the sales department would be easier to follow.

The Solution:

  • BluEnergyControl chose Sugar Professional, because this solution best met the desired requirements: i.e. creating clearer structures and a database covering all departments – all at an excellent price/performance ratio.
  • Furthermore, the solutions by Sugar are characterized most notably by their ease of use via the Internet.
  • The Sugar solution helps their users to centrally document customer relationships with other organizations and contact persons.
  • Sugar Professional also offers workflow automation as well as access control mechanisms. These features optimize information flow in the corporation and ensure the protection of confidential data.
  • Within a very short period of time, SugarCRM has become an integral part of BluEnergyControl. The entire project was completed in the span of only three months.

Benefits/ Results:

  • The employees at BluEnergyControl can react with flexibility to the needs of their customers and always maintain a perfect overview of customer data.
  • The solution enables BluEnergyControl to make its sales processes more transparent and effective.
  • Steps in the work process can now be viewed and traced in detail.

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