Case Study: Bank of Marin

SugarCRM Powers Expert Lead Management System for Bank of Marin

Business Issue

Banking often requires a long sales cycle. So, as a premium provider of financial services to northern California businesses, Bank of Marin needed a system to manage opportunities and leads through the sales process and to capture all the information associated with those efforts. The bank tried unsuccessfully to use an extension of its core processing platform (FIS), but it lacked a calendar function and note taking capability. Plus, it could not provide a unified view of customers with multiple accounts.


  • Manage opportunities and leads
  • Calendar function and note taking capability
  • Provide a unified view of customers with multiple accounts
  • Targeted professional calling services to the bank

The Solution: Sugar Professional

Bank of Marin turned to Sugar partner Expert Business Development (EBD), a firm that provided targeted professional calling services to the bank. In response to client demand, EBD was in the process of developing a lead management and sales tracking system for banks to be based on either the SugarCRM or Salesforce CRM platform. EBD ultimately chose Sugar for ELMS due to its flexibility and cost effectiveness, and Bank of Marin elected to work with EBD as the first bank to deploy the system. Sugar as the basis for ELMS also provided the functionality Bank of Marin required, coupled with ease of use.

Business Benefits

  • Increased accountability within the sales team
  • Improved communication between departments
  • Delivered greater visibility for relationship planning
  • Made prospecting more efficient