Case Study: Australian Scholarships Foundation

ASF Boosts Scholarship Volume by 300 Percent with No Staff Increase

Business Issue:

ASF negotiates with accredited education and training providers across Australia to provide free or discounted executive management, mentoring, and training programs in a range of management disciplines. When the foundation began operations in 2008, scholarship application, evaluation, and tracking were largely manual processes, managed with spreadsheets. But as the need for ASF’s services grew, the organization needed a system that could standardize and automate these tasks.


  • Deliver greater visibility and transparency into the application process
  • Operate cost effectively within funding constraints
  • Support more effective marketing and segmentation
  • Enable ASF to communicate confidently with scholarship funders and applicants

Solution: Sugar Professional

For guidance in finding and vetting a system, foundation CEO Amy Lyden consulted Mark Tallis, Director of Consulting for Loaded Technologies, a SugarCRM Gold Partner. Tallis and his developers took an agile development approach to the ASF project, using frequent prototypes to show Lyden the solution’s capabilities and structure and to encourage her participation in the process. The first phase of the solution focused on the sales pipeline, building the processes and supporting data to manage the institutions that are providing courses and course funding or referring personnel to apply for scholarships.

Business Benefits:

  • Improved management of the sales pipeline and application process
  • Streamlined communication with applicants and educational partners
  • Provided an easy-to-use system for volunteers and part-time staff
  • Enabled email marketing to be handled in house Integrated Sugar with Moodle and Joomla


  • Increased application processing capability 1000 percent
  • Delivered a 300 percent increase in scholarships offered with no additional staff
  • Eliminated the expense of a third-party email marketing vendor