Case Studies

SugarCRM helps organizations gain & retain customers. Learn how Sugar can help streamline sales, marketing and support across your organization.

Telesphere Moves to SugarCRM from NetSuite in Less Than Three Weeks
To do all we are doing without Sugar would take us 15 percent more people -- appraisers, expense processing, reports on deals -- to try to understand...
With our ability 
to acquire core intelligence for analysis at the management level, we can chart
 the sales potential in the market better than we...
SugarCRM has saved us time and increased our productivity, thanks to a flexible and customizable solution.
Luxury Link Jettisons Goldmine for 360 Degree View of the Customer with SugarCRM
Intermolecular Achieves Complex Forecasting and Improved Data Security with SugarCRM
SugarCRM Streamlines Customer Support and Improves First Call Resolution for JAB Broadband
“By using Sugar to improve our forecasting, we closed a three-month gap in reporting and refined revenue projections.”
Before we had Sugar, each salesperson kept his own Excel spreadsheet to track supplier sales engagement status. That’s not a job for Excel, not when...
Without a doubt, installing Sugar has been an excellent business move. The solution is affordable and easy to customise. We also get the professional...