SugarCRM Customers

Learn how global organizations use Sugar to create extraordinary customer relationships.

Program Productions

Program Productions is a highly specific and sophisticated staffing organization dedicated to helping produce live events with technical expertise and experience. With Sugar, the team at Program Productions has recovered more than 6,000 staff hours per year.

Redglaze Group

From concept and design, to manufacture and installation, the Redglaze Group of companies provides products and services to the construction industry. 74% of Redglaze Group employees use Sugar to manage extended customer relationships that last decades.


Sugar’s support solutions save Loomis 25% on the bottom line. The supplier of secure transport services has created a customized solution that elevates Loomis’ service experience thanks to Sugar’s unparalleled flexibility and overall value.

Hilco Global

Hilco Valuation, Hilco Industrial, and Hilco Real Estate have implemented Sugar. The goal is to automate The Hilco Group’s entire customer life cycle from marketing efforts on the front end to their operational efforts on the back end.


The largest travel agency serving Latin America wanted each and every one of its customer-facing employees to better know each and every customer. Learn how Despegar leveraged Sugar to increase service and customer satisfaction levels without breaking the bank.


VetAdvisor is the expert in veteran-centric holistic care, providing proactive coaching services across behavioral health, wellness, financial, and all aspects of transition and career development. With Sugar deployed to 100% of VetAdvisor's coaching staff, the company saved 500 hours per coach per year.

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