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Learn why other customer facing professionals chose SugarCRM to be customer experts.    
Learn how CRM can be successfully deployed across your organization.
The advantages of adapting ERP and CRM software to work together are numerous and they can benefit you, your employees, and your business.
SugarCRM Basic User Training                        
SugarCRM Marketing Automation Webinar                        
In this Webcast, we will discuss two CRM add-ons that provide insight in context:  D&B for Sugar and Sugar Analytics powered by Cognos Business...
Connect with your customers through communities from Get Satisfaction.
Learn why organizatins are choosing SugarCRM over Salesforce as their CRM solution of choice.   
SugarCRM Integration with Quickbooks.                        
Join your host Epicom to learn: How to setup workflow rules How to create workflow alerts and custom templates Common use cases for workflows in...