Amplify the "R" in Your CRM

Learn how industry leaders are leveraging the latest sales intelligence and social media tools to make their sales, marketing and customer support teams more effective whenever they engage with customers.

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"More than 85 percent of sales reps in Best-in-Class
sales organizations achieve quota, versus only 20 percent
of their counterparts."

- Aberdeen Research

Give your sales people an edge

In today's era of customer empowerment, the world's greatest technology won't be sufficient to close deals, but it can give your sales people an edge. Forward-thinking organizations are putting the "R" back in CRM. How?

They're embracing next generation customer-facing software to build long-term relationships that result in fantastic customer experiences. Watch the webinar and learn:

  • What Best-in-Class companies do differently
  • Pitfalls they avoid
  • Why they achieve greater success
  • Technologies and services they leverage to succeed

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Led by Peter Ostrow, Aberdeen Research Vice President, Group Director Sales Effectiveness & Strategy, and SugarCRM Head of Product Evangelism Martin Schneider.

In the webinar they'll show how you can harness the power of Social, Mobile and Cloud Computing to better understand and engage every customer, so that every connection drives value.


Peter Ostrow
Aberdeen Research
Vice President, Group Director Sales Effectiveness & Strategy


Martin Schneider
Head of Product Evangelism